We will be gathering monthly for a meal and have conversation around the table about Jesus and celebrate our part in God’s family.


March 23- Spaghetti and Family Feud

April 20- BBQ and Band for entertainment

No meeting in May

June 22- Hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixing and outside cookout games


Community 2:46


Community is a new church “plant” within the ministry of Brainerd Church. It is new a community that is nothing like traditional church. It is based on Acts 2:46 which reads: 46 They followed a daily discipline of worship in the Temple followed by meals at home, every meal a celebration, exuberant and joyful. C2:46 will be a place for everyone to share a meal around the table and listen to each other’s stories as well as hear a story about Jesus.  We hope that in hearing the stories of Jesus we will find how our lives can intersect with His life.
Brainerd Church is not doing this so you will come to “big church” -this is your church. We will invite you to partner with us in mission to our community and world, but this is not a way to get you into Sunday worship. C2:46 is a church – your church.
C2:46 is based on the ministry of Jesus. John Dominic Crossan suggested, “To watch Jesus during an average day would reveal Him doing two things repeatedly: healing and eating.” We believe that when we gather at a table to share a meal, God does something to change each and every one of us.