Plan A Visit

We invite you to experience Brainerd as we worship together. Brainerd Church is a liturgical church, which means that we use the liturgy based on Christian worship since the beginning of the Church. We believe that we should worship in awe of our loving creator God, and the liturgy helps guide us. Through scripture, song, preaching of the Word and the Lord’s Supper once a month we continue the worship of the church.

We may be liturgical but we are not “stuffy” – we laugh, cry, and say amen occasionally. We enjoy being together in God’s presence. We are a suit-to-jeans or dresses-to-capris kind of church. 

Below you will find an aerial picture of the church with the parking lots and entrances marked. As you can see, parking is a bit tricky, but we have signage that will help you navigate through the building to our sanctuary. (We are working on greeters for each door.)

Brainerd UMC

Our worship service begins at 10:00 and goes to 11:00. We have a nursery and a cry room for babies and their parents.