Sunday School

Sunday School is the lifeblood of our church. Our Sunday School classes serve as a means of learning about the scriptures, discovering our spiritual gifts for ministry, using those gifts in service to the community and also enjoyable social activities. Our Sunday School classes are involved in the ministry and mission of the church and are actively looking for ways to be in ministry to the world.

Sunday School meets at 11:15 AM on Sunday morning. Exceptions are noted in the individual class information.

The Cornerstone Class was founded in 1982. This class is composed of enthusiastic and caring adults who share fellowship through spiritual and social activities. The class sponsors a variety of church based service projects throughout the year. Lessons are based on both Biblical and current events with open and lively discussion encouraged. The ages range from the early 40’s and up with children ages high school to post college. All are welcome!  

Cornerstone Class

The Friendship Class has been a part of BUMC for over 50 years. Our class meets in the Wesley Conference room. Our ages are between 55 – 90, with most members being senior citizens, a mix of couples and singles. We study the International Lesson taught by a different teacher each Sunday of the month.  

The Kingsbury Class is a class for couples and singles in their later 40’s to early 60’s. This discussion class uses a variety of study materials and teachers to meet the needs of the diverse group. Class meetings are held in members’ homes the 2nd Friday of each month.

Kingsbury Class

The McFerrin Class:  Founded in 1962, McFerrin Class is a discussion class for adults 65 and up (singles or couples).  There are four teachers who rotate each Sunday during the month.  Each month a class meeting/covered dish supper is either members’ homes or several times a year at the church.  (Second Friday of each month at 5:45 PM). McFerrin members support all activities in the church financially and contribute to several outside groups monthly. All ages are welcome. “Come join us as we are a fun group!”

The Open Door Class is an inter-generational class of friendly folks. A mixture of singles and couples attend with a rich diversity of ages represented in the class. This lively bunch offers Bible centered lessons with spirited group discussion.

The Upper Room Class, comprised of singles and couples, is a discussion class which primarily uses the Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide as a basis for lessons. They tackle a wide range of topics concerning our faith and its presence in our daily lives. Members also enjoy regular social activities.